Skin problems Common in Men and Women

Side effects of dry skin consist of layered patches (with or without redness), tingling, and dryness. You can get dry skin all year — from the heat of summer to the solid cold of winter. Exposure of sun harms skin, leaving it more slender and doubtful to hold in moisture over the long run. Additionally, aging skin delivers less of the natural oils that keep skin oily.

Treatment: The critical line of the defense is a lotion that mellow and smooths skin with water and lipids (fats). Some lotions draw in water to the skin and seal it in. Others forestall moisturization misfortune by covering skin with a thick, impermeable layer.

Petroleum Jelly: This waxy, oily substance stops water loss without stopping up pores. It tends to be utilized without help from anyone else but on the other hand is a fixing in numerous lotions and salves. Since oil jam doesn't contain water, it's best utilized while the skin is as yet moist later washing to seal in moisture.

Mineral oil: Mineral oil has a similar impact yet without an oily inclination. It additionally ought to be utilized while skin is sodden.

Moisturizers and creams: These items contain both water and oils. They're not so much oily but rather more cosmetically engaging than oil jam or oils. Search for creams with somewhere around one of the accompanying fixings: glycerin, urea, pyroglutamic corrosive, sorbitol, lactic corrosive, lactate salts, or alpha hydroxy acids.

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Protection: Attempt a couple of changes to protect dry skin:

Athlete’s foot

Athlete's foot is brought about by dermatophytes, a gathering of parasites on the outer layer of the skin. Indications includes exceptional itching; broke, rankled, or stripping spaces of skin, particularly between the toes; and redness and scaling on the soles. Dermatophytes born in warm, damp conditions like pools, showers, and storage spaces where individuals stroll with uncovered feet. The warm, damp climate of sweat-soaked socks and shoes urges them to develop.

Treatment: In the first place, attempt an over-the-counter antifungal balm, cream, or powder, for example, clotrimazole (Lotrimin AF, Mycelex, nonexclusive), terbinafine (Lamisil AT, Silka,), or miconazole (Lotrimin AF splash, Micatin). It can require a long time for a disease to improve, and repeats are normal. On the off chance that manifestations don't work on following a little while, counsel a specialist, who might recommend antifungal pills.

Protection: Keeping feet spotless and dry is the most ideal way to avoid athlete’s foot. Additionally, do the accompanying: