About Dr Kashif's Aesthetic Studio

Dr. Kashif's Aesthetic Studio is a skin clinic specializing in paramedical dermal therapies. Focusing on skin health, skin integrity and skin management our non-surgical treatments will ensure that your skin will be treated in a professional manner following treatment protocols and educating our clients throughout their skin journey. Our aim is to see clients build more confidence as their skin insecurities are relieved. We have a strong customer satisfaction policy. Clients concerns and safety are of utmost importance and if there is any dissatisfaction from a client, we will endeavor to rectify it. We have created a comfortable and quality experience for clients to enjoy. Clients never feel pushed into doing anything that they do not feel comfortable with or do not fully understand. A comfortable experience is a lasting one. Trust is also essential and building a genuine relationship with each client is so important to us. We have very strong relationships with our existing clientele that make it feel like a friendship and although it is serious, we still like to have fun in a positive environment.

Why Choose Us

We know that no two clients are the same and therefore, no two treatment plans are the same. Dr Kashif's Aesthetic Studio approach is holistic one focused on wellness that works. Why choose us? We aim to provide subtle enhancements and tweaks using only the best products over a number of sessions, this allows time for you to enjoy steady and natural looking results and encourages longevity. Every procedure is bespoke and tailored entirely to your features. We believe in boosting your natural beauty, instilling confidence and most importantly enjoying every step of your treatment journey.

  • We choose nothing but the best and most rigorously tested products
  • We offer honest and holistic consultations
  • We proudly provide personal treatment and aftercare plans

If you would like to arrange a personal consultation with one of our specialist doctors or aesthetic artist, please call us on +(92) 345-5107075 or email info@drkashif.uk

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Our Features

Best Dermatologist in Pakistan
Experienced Staff

We have highly experienced & UK certified dermatologist

Provide option and time

You can reserve any available appointment of your own choice between Mon - Sat / 11:00am - 9:00pm/p>

Latest Technology

We use latest technology and the most up-to-date dermatology research in the treatements we provide.

Fully airconditional environment

We will provide you fully air airconditional & relaxing environment