What is mesotherapy? 

Mesotherapy Treatment in Pakistan is kind of possibly the foremost innovative , successful treatment within the field of AESTHETIC COSMETICS for high-molecular active ingredients and nutrients, for instance , Hyaluronic corrosive, retinol, nutrient C, then forth to maneuver profound layers of skin without harming the skin. 

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Benefits of Mesotherapy Treatment in Pakistan

Following are the various benefits of taking Mesotherapy treatment in Pakistan:

1 - It’s a very comfortable and pain-free procedure.

2 - This treatment does not offer you any quite skin allergies or side effects.

3 - Mesotherapy treatment does not include any kind of surgical steps for instance , cutting or stitching.

4 - It's fast healing and recovery process.

5 - It provides immediate and permanent results.

6 - It boosts the amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin, that’s important for maintaining its texture and firmness.

- It also stimulates the assembly of collagen, to enhance the complexion of your skin.

8 - It can even treat your hair thinning, by stimulating your body to naturally grow lost hair.

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How Does Mesotherapy Treatment Work? 

In mesotherapy treatment, an electrical impulse create a field of tension and for a couple of milliseconds small diverts of dampness within the skin are opened. during this brief timeframe, the activated ingredients, for instance , hyaluron, collagen, panthenol and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Into the skin. 

Right Candidates for Mesotherapy Treatment in Pakistan

Mesotherapy Treatment are often utilized in an assortment of ways, because it generally works with exclusively custom-made active ingredients. it's an appropriate for the mentioned signs: 

1 - If you would like to reinforce the complexion and texture of your skin.

2 - If you're 18 years or above.

3 - If you are non-lactating mother.

4 - If you are non-pregnant. 

- If you aren’t a smoker.

6 - If persisted fat coated on your body are making troube for you.

7 - If you're littered with hair thinning.

8 - If you aren’t littered with any serious medical condition.

9 - If you're mentally and physically healthy.

10 - If you've got realistic expectations regarding the results of Mesotherapy Treatment.

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Pre-Treatment Guidelines

Before taking the Mesotherapy treatment for skin problem and hair loss problem, the skin specialist will tell you to properly follow the mentioned pre-operative care guidelines:

1 - You'll need to drink lots of water and fluids to stay yourself hydrated.

2 - You'll need to follow a healthy regime.

3 - You'll need to avoid applying makeup, before the

- You'll need to avoid caffeine for each day or two, before undergoing the Mesotherapy.

Post-Treatment Guidelines

After the completion of the Mesotherapy treatment in Pakistan, the skin specialist will tell you to properly follow these Post-Operative Care Guidelines:

1 - You'll need to avoid using any kind of cosmetic product or makeup for pretty much each day , after undergoing the treatment.

2 - You'll need to avoid touching, scratching or rubbing your treated area after undergoing the treatment.

3 - You'll need to avoid excessive, direct and prolonged sun exposure, a minimum of for two to three weeks after undergoing the Mesotherapy.

4 - You'll need to properly apply the strong sunblock to shield your treated skin from sun damage.

5 - You'll need to limit your physical activities by avoiding workouts and vigorous tasks, after undergoing the treatment.

6 - You'll need to avoid taking hot baths for nearly each day , after taking the Mesotherapy.

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How many sessions mesotherapy treatment takes?

We recommend a cure of a minimum of 5 - 10 treatments, counting on the initial situation and skin disease , at weekly or two weekly intervals. For the freshness kick in between, the treatment are often administered at any time.

Procedure of Mesotherapy Treatment in Pakistan

Following are the steps included within the procedure of Mesotherapy:

First of all, the physician will administer local anaesthesia to your treatment required area to numb it and to form the procedure painless.

Then he will administer a series of micro-injections within the mesoderm (second layer of the skin) of your treatment required area.

Within the end, the physician will apply cooling cream or gel on your treated area, to scale back the discomfort.

The outcomes of Mesotherapy treatment in Pakistan are provided for long-term under healthy diet and workout. Maximum patients see notable outcomes after taking two or three sessions. Whereas some patients notice prominent results or improvements in their treated area after undergoing just one session.


If you're trying to find a safest, non-surgical and painless procedure to reinforce or improve the sweetness of your face by permanently making your skin tone even and removing your extra fat with long lasting, safe and natural results at a reasonable cost without affected by botched results, skin allergies or post-procedural side effects, then be happy to consult the Dr. Kashif Aesthetic Studio to think about Mesotherapy Treatment in Pakistan.