We pride ourselves to be the very first clinic who is introducing the Ellanse treatment in Pakistan. After one year, he spearheaded this progressive dermal filler around the world. 

Ellanse derma filler is the first and the main Dermal Filler which goes about as a biostimulator of collagen with the outcomes enduring up to two to five years. 

Ellanse created by AQTIS Medica, is the primary dermal filler that offers a protected remarkable tunable life span, explicitly intended for the field of stylish medication and medical procedure with the outcomes enduring from three to five years. 

Ellanse is a non-creature, non-bacterial, and non-human inferred item. It is a natural bio-test system since it stimulates the formation of a patient's own new collagen. 

Ellanse is made of Poly-Caprolactone and is a notable absolutely bioresorbable soft medical polymer. ELLANSE offers the most extreme potential for demonstrating because of the mix of ideal consistency, extraordinary versatility, and uniform homogeneity, 

Uses of Ellanse Treatment

ELLANSE treatment offers the most extreme potential for displaying because of the blend of ideal consistency, novel versatility, and uniform homogeneity, thus, the ELLANSE family can be utilized in an assortment of decorating signs: 

The ELLANSE is an injectable filler demonstrated for profound dermal and subdermal implantation. The nasolabial folds utilized in clinical investigations are delegated for profound and sub-dermal delicate tissue increase of the facial region. 

Ellans treatment is a dermal filler giving prompt outcomes, just as, Bio-stimulation makes neo-collagenesis for longer-enduring and supported outcomes. 

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Because of the ideal consistency and flexibility of the gel carrier, the wrinkles and folds go through quick actual rectification after treatment. 

The gel carrier is bit by bit resorbed over a time of half a month after treatment. 

Suitability of Ellanse Treatment

Ellanse is appropriate for both ladies and men of various ages. It can assist with profound folds around the mouth and nose, depressed cheeks, facial scars, profound skin break-out scars, and free skin. It has ideal bio-similarity, because of the exceptionally smooth circular miniature circles. It is unsurprising, controlled, and has tunable bioresorption, with an amazing wellbeing profile. Special tunable life span choices for customized and custom-made treatment. 

Ellanse is great for enduring lines and flaw remedy and improves cheek volume and invigorates collagen normally. 

Ellanse is great for reestablishing facial forms and volume and rectifying facial laxity, further developing the stunning and different regions. 

Patients can accomplish full cosmetic touch-ups without the need for forceful medical procedures, with the outcome enduring up to three to four years. 

Ellanse Treatment in Pakistan

The method for Ellanse injection is extremely fast, regularly enduring only ten to fifteen minutes. Numerous patients experience no pain by any means or least uneasiness. There is no recovery time required, patients can continue their ordinary exercises just after the treatment. 

Ellanse is delicately injected into the necessary region and hydrate the skin. It likewise has cell anti-oxidant characteristics which give immediately smoother skin. The outcomes last between 1-4 years. 

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Quick incidental effects are exceptionally uncommon and may incorporate injection-related occasions, at the injected area, for example, least redness, slight delicacy or uneasiness, some swelling, or infrequently expanding. 

Postponed appearance of little bumps under the skin in the treated region could infrequently happen. For the most part, these bump are not apparent and may possibly be seen when pushing on the treated region. These incidental effects normally last just a little while. 

The explicitly planned microsphere attributes give a protected and durable excellent platform for tissue penetration. 

Ellanse Treatment Saftey

Ellanse treatment is formally endorsed by MHRA in the UK and the FDA in The USA for rebuilding and rectification of the indications of facial fat loss and is utilized for treating facial lines and wrinkles. 

In able specialist hands, with the right preparation and experience, this is an extremely protected and viable technique. After some time the method has advanced to improve the impacts and decrease issues. 

The system comprises of supported execution and complete bioresorption. 

The superb performance and safety of the Ellanse is solidly established in its method of activity and explicitly tunable attributes. 

Patient fulfillment at a year assessed based on GAIS (Global Esthetic Improvement Scale) for Ellanse was viewed as 90%. Normal doctor assessment shows improvement in 92% patients dependent on GAIS. 

Ellanse treatment in Pakistan were evaluated to be great or great by 90% of patients on the size of probability to return for repeat treatment at a year. 

Ellanse Treatment Vs Dermal Fillers Treatment

Throughout the process of things working out, our skin continuously loses its normal collagen, prompting facial laxity and the arrangement of wrinkles and folds. Ellanse utilizes the body’s normal reaction to invigorate the age of the body’s own collagen (neo-collagenesis) reestablishing a new, young look. 

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Ellanse treatment is not quite the same as different fillers, as it gives the ideal lovely stylish outcome that keeps going longer than customary dermal fillers. The exceptional benefits of Ellanse treatment are supported execution, tunable life span, and all-out bioresorbability. 

Ellanse treatment additionally offers the benefit over different fillers, as it permits prompt amendment and supported execution from one as long as four years. 

Ellanse Treatment at Dr. Kashif Aesthetic Studio

Patients travel from everywhere and from around the world to have Dr. Kashif Ali perform Ellanse therapies at the Dr. Kashif Aesthetic Studio, which is one of the main instructional hubs for Ellanse treatment in Peshawar, Pakistan. 

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Dr. Kashif Ali, the best dermatologist in Peshawar, Pakistan to bring and pioneer Ellanse Treatment in Pakistan in 2020. After one year, he spearheaded this progressive dermal filler around the world.