With the expanded choices for different skin whitening treatments all around, it is become very easier than before to re-establish the lost skin glow and skin tone. From bleaching to laser treatments, there are a lot of various techniques to help your skin. 

If you're also wanting to gain an understanding of skin whitening treatment, evaluated costs, types, etc. then this guide is written for you.

The main purpose of skin lightening treatment is to reduce the un-necessary melanin content in your skin. Yes, it is right. Melanin is responsible for all the dark spots and rough tones on your skin. Undoubtedly, reduction in it gives you “Peace of Mind”. Skin lightening treatment helps you in treating sun-damaged, freckles, melasma, and some other kind of marks.

Difference between Skin Whitening & Lightening Treatment

If we talk about skin whitening treatment, then this phrase is generally used to describe the more aggressive techniques. While skin lightening treatment is used when the procedure is slower or gradual. But the point is what is the purpose of these both techniques?

The purpose of skin whitening treatment and skin lightening treatment is to stop the production of the melanin concentration in your skin.

Best Skin Whitening Treatment Options

There are different kinds of skin lightening treatments to gain your desired skin glow. But it depends on you, for which specified body part, you want to do skin lightening treatment. Is it face lightening treatment, underarms, or any private part of your body?

Some of the most popular skin lightening treatments are mentioned below.

Skin Whitening Laser Treatment

skin whitening treatment in pakistan

In this type of skin lightening treatment, your melanin affected skin is exposed to a high energy beam of light. Due to which, the unwanted level of melanin reduces and as a result, it effectively decreases the dark spots, skin pigmentation, sun tanning, etc. This skin lightening treatment makes your skin brighter and healthier. This type of skin lightening treatment is also known as the last abrasion or laser peel. You can use this treatment for your face or any other part of your body you want to.

If you want to know more about this type of treatment, you can consult with us.

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Skin Lightening Injections

skin whitening treatment in pakistan

In this process, dermatologists use skin whitening injections with a skin whitening agent known as glutathione. Glutathione is a skin whitening agent that helps in ceasing the production of some toxic enzymes known as tyrosinase, that are directly involved in the production of melanin in your body. According to some popular sayings, glutathione injections are able to detoxify the human body. This also helps in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and helps in making your skin tone fair than before. According to the study, an excessive amount of glutathione can be unsafe for your skin and may cause some serious side effects. That’s why it is a must to do proper research before selecting this type of treatment.

If you want to know more about this treatment, you can consult with us.

Is Skin Lightening Treatment Permanent?

The impacts of the skin helping treatment can last between a couple of months to a couple of years.

In this case, dermatologists advise some of the best tips to keep the skin lightening treatment for a long time.

1 - Increasing the intake of water and taking a balanced diet.

2 - Following recommended skincare routines.

3 - Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

4 - Choosing the best maintenance sessions, from time to time.

5 - Remember, the results of using chemical peels and bleaching agents are not permanent. But if we talk about laser treatment, then it can be a ponder as a long-term solution. Laser treatment also caters to a permanent solution of removing birthmarks and tattoos. Laser treatment is not used for the treatment of melasma and tan.

Skin Whitening Treatment cost in Pakistan

Different dermatology clinics in Pakistan are providing different packages at different prices. You can select the skin lightening treatment packages according to your needs such as:

1 - Skin Lightening Treatment Under Arms

2 - Skin Lightening Treatment for facial skin.

3 - Skin Lightening Treatment for private parts such as bikini areas plus thighs.

4 - Skin Lightening Treatment for feet, hands, and neck.

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Questions asked by our customers

1 – Is skin lightening treatment is safe for my skin?

Yes, skin lightening treatment is a safe option for your skin. There are different types of

Skin lightening treatment such as laser treatment, skin lightening injections, and chemical peeling, are the methods that are used to cease or stop the production of melanin. That’s why it is very important to consult with the best dermatologist to get the idea about which skin lightening treatment is best and suitable for your skin.

2 – For what reason is My Skin Getting Darker with Age?

You don’t need to worry about it. As you age, the skin loses its capacity to fix itself there is a collection of melanin in upper layers of skin and the harm caused throughout the years shows up as darker skin tone.

3 – Does Skin whitening treatment can cause skin peeling?

If you want to get an even tone, then it can get through various procedures. And the skin peeling is one of those procedures.

4 – How much time is required for underarm lightening treatment?

Normally, underarm lightening treatment takes 5 to 7 sessions.