Choose The Best Dermatologist in Pakistan

Dermatologists are uniquely able to treat individuals of any age for conditions identified with your skin, hair, and nails. There's no rejecting that finding the right and best dermatologist in Pakistan for your necessities requires effort and time. 

Regardless of the way that all dermatologists experience long periods of instruction and preparation, they're not all made equivalent. We have mentioned the six tips for you that will help you find the best dermatologist for your unique situations. So, let's get started.

Steps for Choosing the Best Dermatologist in Pakistan

1 - Referrals, Reviews, and Satisfaction Surveys 

Set aside some effort to get referrals from family, companions, or your family care doctor. Get some information about their experience, the office, and how satisfied they were with the results. Perusing surveys can give knowledge into how a dermatologist communicates with patients while the period of consultation, just as in the past, during, and after the methodology. Fulfillment reviews can uncover previous patients' perspectives on booking, hold-up times, and neighborliness of the staff. 

2 - Board Certification 

Board confirmation reveals to you whether a dermatologist has the particular required training and abilities for their medical specialty. It can likewise be used to check whether the doctor has a past filled with negligence claims or disciplinary activities. This data can be found on most country websites. 

3. Experience and Specialization 

Experience in your specific condition or procedures can add to better results. For this, dermatologists complete their training for specialization and some additional education. This is very significant with regard to treating certain conditions. 

In the event that you need a particular procedure, ask how often the dermatologist has performed it just as the difficulty rates they have experienced. 

4. Examination Facility Quality 

Considering the office where your procedure will happen is significant for your dermatologic consideration on the off chance that you need a skin medical procedure. Patients at top-of-the-line offices may have fewer difficulties and better results. At Dr. Kashif Aesthetic Studio, your strategy is done in our perfect, state-of-the-art office. 

Why Choose the Best Dermatologist in Pakistan?

We know that you have numerous options while picking the best dermatologist in Pakistan to meet your extraordinary needs. Here's the reason different patients pick Dermatology Physicians of Dr. Kashif Aesthetic Studio.


Our physicians have long and distinguished backgrounds in practicing general and cosmetic dermatology, pediatric dermatology, and dermatopathology.   Many of our physicians complement their office practice with professor-level teaching positions at major colleges and universities. 

Our doctors have long and recognized foundations in rehearsing general and cosmetic dermatology, pediatric dermatology, and derma pathology. A large number of our doctors integrate their office practice with expert-level teaching positions at significant universities and colleges.


Endeavoring to consistently put patients first, Dr. Kashif Ali constructed a differing group of physicians and treatment providers to offer patients a choice while choosing a dermatologist. With this doctor portfolio, patients can without much of a stretch select the treatment provider that will best meet their clinical needs just as their own inclinations. MEET OUR PROVIDERS >


Regardless of the explanation behind your dermatologic consultation or appointment, our huge team of dermatologists works in giving therapy to grown-ups and kids for a wide scope of dermatological conditions, including clinical/careful dermatology, pediatric dermatology, corrective and laser therapies, and skin malignant growth screening and treatment. Become familiar with WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO >


We have a suitable location area in Peshawar, offering both early morning and night appointments to address the issues of our patients. SEE LOCATIONS and HOURS >


We listen to our patients the amount they value our clinic environment, caring assistants, and the degree of mindfulness and polished methodology exhibited by our doctors. Be that as it may, why hear us out, read what our patients are stating. Explore our WORK >

Support Staff

Our group of doctors isn't finished without our warm, inviting and proficient care staff who are consistently prepared and ready to help patients with their inquiries, concerns, and needs.


You can consult with one of our team members by calling at our clinic or send us an instant message legitimately by means of a Facebook page, which is the most immediate approach to contact us. Message us for booking an appointment, inquiries, and whatever else you need. 

We'll be right back to you up quickly with affirmation and any extra correspondence required.

Dr. Kashif Ali – The Best Dermatologist in Pakistan

Dr. Kashif Ali has come out to be a desire for patients who are fighting with skincare problems for a decade. 

He would ask you some questions upon your first appointment in an offer to explore your real aesthetic problem and then will do a proper treatment that will be beyond your thoughts and expectations that will make your day full of joy.

As an expert in the field of dermatology and skincare, Consultant Cosmetologist Dr. Kashif Ali accompanies a praiseworthy mix of training and aptitude in derma practices. Having done his graduation from Khyber Medical College. After completing the surgical training, he has got from Truman Emergency Center in the United States of America. He is filling in as a board affirmed dermatologist of the United States' pioneer and biggest organization in aesthetic medicine and dermatology at the University of London to turn into the best dermatologist in Pakistan. After completing the master’s degree, he has started training in gynecology, to learn & master the art of aesthetic gynecology from the University of London. Then he has started training in sexual and reproductive health. After that, he has got a membership in the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Dermatologist and Consultant Cosmetologist Dr. Kashif's motivating story doesn't end here. Other than being a position holder in dermatology, He is an outstanding entrepreneur who has built up Dr. Kashif’s Aesthetic Studio the Aesthetic Skincare Clinic in the core of Peshawar, Pakistan, and is viably running and dealing his skincare clinic with the plan to serve his customers to inspire and providing them healthy skin and best dermatology services in Pakistan.  

Skin specialist Dr. Kashif Ali, an experienced and successful skin specialist and laser treatment specialist located in Peshawar, Pakistan, unequivocally has faith in development and grasps innovative changes with an open heart. This is the reason he has furnished his Aesthetic Studio with the most up-to-the-minute technology and machines for both dermatological issues, including skin and diseases, and aesthetically bothersome highlights. 

Famous Skin specialist Dr. Kashif Ali is helpful with conveying dermatology services in Peshawar by a group of skin specialists, who, similar to him, accompany hands-on involvement with the utilization of refined and cutting-edge innovation for the treatment of Esthetic and dermatological issues. Dr. Kashif Ali trusts in the extreme fulfillment and pleasure of his customers; hence, he actually drives a wide range of clinical mediations, either careful or non-careful, in an agreeable clinical condition where security starts things out.

He ensures that his customers will get proper attention. At Kashif’s Aesthetic Studio, FDA affirmed synthetic substances, methods; procedures, and advanced innovation are utilized for the conveyance of each help, including Hydra Facials, Revlite treatment, and hostile to maturing and brightening facials. 

As time goes on, we have picked up the trust of customers who originate from assorted foundations. Our polished methodology, commitment, and offices have pulled in customers from pretty much every industry. Our quality help has empowered us to build up a long-haul relationship with customers like government officials, media people, and superstars. Our attention on protection for patients, the arrangement of an adequate vehicle parking spot, and interest in best machines and DFA affirmed strategies have taken our facility higher than ever.